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Our company, Team, and Coverage Area More about us

We are a rural appraisal firm specializing in unique agricultural appraisals as well as appraisal related services. Our services are utilized for lending, estate and tax planning, business planning, legal and grant use, and more. Timeliness, quality, and professionalism are at the foundation of our company.
Our team members have grown up on farms, studied agricultural related sciences in college, and are involved in various enterprises in agriculture. Their lives in the farming community, as well as their years of appraisal experience, make the team at Agrinomic Insights highly qualified to understand and value agricultural real estate.
Agrinomic Insights covers the East Coast from New England to Florida. Offices are located throughout New York and in Florida. The team holds appraisal licenses in multiple states as well as has the ability to acquire temporary licenses for states where subject properties may be located.

Our Services Our Services

Looking for a certified appraisal for your farm or agribusiness? Our team members specialize in appraising rural real estate such as farms, agribusinesses, and other rural properties. Agrinomic Insights emphasizes services for unique, complex, and large agricultural appraisals.
Quarterly audits, one-time reviews; whether it is an appraisal review or collateral review, Agrinomic Insights has experience in providing these services.
If you are looking for guidance from a certified real estate appraiser, we can provide appraisal consulting services. We work with banks, attorneys, accountants, and business/property owners to provide appraisal insight.
Our team includes experienced appraisers who have not only spent time in the field, but also teaching in the classroom. Looking to have an appraisal course or seminar taught? Let us know!

“ Keep moving forward, opening new doors, and doing new things.
Your curiosity will lead you down the path of success. ”

Walt Disney

Recent Projects

Whether it’s agribusinesses, farms, or land appraisals; we have the expertise to provide quality appraisals in a timely manner. Just a few examples of our recent projects include sugarhouses, sawmills, large blueberry farms, veterinary clinics, slaughter facilities, conservation easements, wineries and vineyards, large crop farms, large dairies, and citrus groves.

Why Choose Us?


Teamwork is a pivotal part of our company. We know that some of the greatest value we can provide comes from collaboration. This not only means exemplary co-ops amongst our talented team members, but with our peers in the appraisal industry and other professions that we work closely with.

Continuous Improvement

Much like the agricultural real estate market, we are continuously growing and changing to meet the demands of the market and our clients. This means we are always learning and looking for innovative technology and methods to improve on the services that we offer.


We are proud members of the ASFMRA and certified appraisers that follow the Uniform Standard of Professional Appraisal Practices. With our strong ethical and moral principles, you can be assured that the work we provide you with is unbiased and honest.


Our team has the unique expertise of knowing agriculture and how to appraise it. Growing up on farms, holding various agricultural science degrees, and completing our education with the American Society of Farm Managers and Rural Appraisers; we are your experts.


With Agrinomic Insights you can expect the best quality. Our goal is not to meet industry standards but to exceed them. If you need it done right, call us.

What people say?

The appraisers at Agrinomic Insights possess vast agricultural property knowledge, appraisal experience and a high standard of professionalism. Quality reports and excellent service are why I rely on Agrinomic Insights for our rural and agricultural appraisal needs.

Denise Rhoads, VP Commercial Appraisal Manager at Community Bank N.A.

What people say?

Agrinomic Insights is my go-to for agricultural appraisal requests in the Eastern US, particularly for dairy assignments as they are industry experts. Rebecca and her staff have completed numerous assignments for me, all of which have been high-quality, on-time, and at a reasonable fee. Their communication is top notch and I know that you would be pleased with the result. I highly recommend Agrinomic Insights for all of your agricultural appraisal needs!

Ag Lender Director of Appraisal

What people say?

There are so many aspects of working with Agrinomic Insights that make us happy working with them, where do I start? Rebecca is so knowledgeable and thorough; she is so pleasant and great to be with. They are professional and prompt. Their work is top notch, and appraisals are easy to read and presented beautifully.

Paul and Phyllis Van Amburgh, Dharma Lea Farm

Appraisal Process

Communication is something we take seriously at Agrinomic Insights. When working through the appraisal process, we will maintain communication to make sure you get the most out of the experience.


1. Develop Scope of Work

The appraiser will interview the client to collect pertinent information to develop scope of work. An appraisal engagement agreement will be written up and signed by both the appraiser and the client.

2. Collect Data

The appraiser will then spend time collecting sales and market data in addition to subject property data.

3. Inspect Property

The appraiser and client will schedule an inspection and determine who will be meeting the appraiser at the property. At the inspection the appraiser will take notes, tour the property, and photograph buildings and land.

4. Data Analysis

The appraiser will then analyze all data collected for the subject, market and sales.

5. Determine Value

From this analysis the appraiser will conclude a final value for the subject property.

6. Appraisal Report

The appraiser will write up their method, analyzed data and conclusions to provide a report for the client.

7. Deliver Report

Once completed, the appraiser will deliver the final report to the client via delivery method (emailed PDF or mailed paper copy) discussed in the appraisal engagement agreement. Once the report is delivered, the client is welcomed to ask follow-up questions to help clarify any information within the report.

Resources See Resources

Combining Wheat
What makes an agricultural appraiser different?
Agricultural properties are unique from other types of real estate. For this reason, appraisers that are trained in rural appraising receive an education geared towards the valuation of agricultural properties as well as spend 1,000’s of hours being mentored by qualified agricultural appraisers. This allows them to accurately assess and value agricultural real estate. It is not uncommon to see quality cropland valued as “excess land” and given minimal consideration in valuations while being completed by individuals who are not competent in agricultural real estate. You can trust our team to give a qualified assessment.
How do I start the appraisal process?
Contact us! You can message us, fill out an appraisal request form or call us. Check out our Contact Us page for links and info.
Are Agrinomic Insights’ appraisers certified?
Yes, our team is made up of certified commercial appraisers, members of American Society of Farm Managers and Rural Appraisers (ASFMRA) and Accredited Rural Appraiser (ARA) designated appraisers. We take education seriously and are frequently taking continuing education courses.
Do you need to inspect the property in person?
Typically, we will schedule an inspection to come out to the property. In special circumstances we may be able to complete the assignment without doing a physical inspection. This will be dependent on the scope of work and the nature of the property to be appraised.